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Business Energy Debt Help

Business energy debt

We have found that many business energy customers accumalate energy debts without knowing or realising the workings behind the calculations of the bills.

More often than not we have discovered that energy suppliers and customers have communication issues and/or communication breakdowns. In most cases the energy customer being unable to relay the issues they are facing in a way which the energy suppliers can comprehend and vice versa. In these instances, energy customers tend to cancel direct debits or stop payings bills as a way of protest, hoping the energy supplier will realise and contact the customer to resolve the energy customers query(s). Unfortunately, it doesn't work out like this, the energy supplier will continue the demands for payment, this results in energy debts piling up and issues remaining unresolved.

In some cases we have found that the customers have been placed on deemed rates by the energy suplier and when the customer has contacted to query the bill amount, the contract status has not been revealed by the energy suppliers adding to the customers confusion.

How we can help you with your business energy debt

Due to our close relationship with energy suppliers we are able to relay the correct information and resolve issues quickly and swiftly for our clients. We have assisted many clients with energy debt resolution, claimed refunds and back-dated rates to recalculate bills with discounted concessions.

We can help you with your business energy debts, VAT reclaims, bill audits and more to ensure that you are not paying more for your business energy than you should.

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