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New Meter Installations

Does the premises currently have a business electricity supply?

If the business premises is already supplied with electricity this makes the process a lot easier. If not, then new cabling will need to be installed. This process can take up to 12 weeks to complete so be sure to factor it in to your plans for the business premises.

What is an MPAN number and Where Can I Find it?

MPAN (or Metering Point Administration Number) is a unique reference number for your electricity supply. It will be 13 digits long and begin with an S as shown in the example below:

For existing connections it can be found on a previous electricity bill or your landlord should be able to provide this information. If you can’t find it you can get in touch with your local energy distributor and they should be able to tell you what your MPAN is.

For new connections you will be able to find the MPAN in your new connection agreement documentation.

How long does it take to get a new business electricity meter installed?

Once an agreement has been reached with an energy provider to supply the property, it usually takes around 2-3 weeks, for an electricity meter to be installed. With this in mind, you should ask for a new meter from your business electricity supplier at least a month before you need to start using electricity at the premises. In some cases we can arrange for meter installations within 5 working days, to find out more, please contact us.

What is the KVA of the supply?

KVA (or Kilo Volt Amperes) is the total amount of electricity that you can draw from the grid at any time, and the details of this can be found on your new connection agreement documentation. This should be adjusted to suit the needs and demands of your business.

If, for example, you’ve moved into an existing business premises and the previous tenant ran a lot of power intensive machinery, you may find that the KVA is set too high and you’re drawing (and paying for) more electricity than you need. Equally, you may have a lot of energy intensive equipment that needs a higher KVA to power it all.

Is your business electricity supply single or three-phase?

Single and three phase power systems simply refer to units using alternating current (AC) electric power, with the main difference between the two being the constancy of delivery.

If your business uses electricity to run things like lighting and heating, it will most likely only need a single phase electricity supply. If it runs heavy duty machinery, or anything that will place a significant strain on the grid, then it’ll need a three-phase supply to keep up with demand.

To find out whether your supply is single or three phase, check your new connection agreement documentation.

If you have a query, or you need a new electric meter installed at your business premises, simply provide us with the details about the premises current energy supply and a member of our team will get in touch to find you the best energy deal rates.

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